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Hey Hillary

Hey Hillary let me get this straight. You ran for President and for some reason that defies logic, you seem to have lost. People want to know why you lost and you want to give them an answer as long as you get paid. So you write a book and let them in on a little secret. It wasn’t your fault. Well Hillary, I agree with you. But I also believe in the tooth fairy, the abomnible snow man ,yeti, well you get my drift.

Well let me clue you in to this. Please go away. America has enough problems dealing with this faux president without your whining. And by the way you were the reason you lost. If you had followed orders and handled your emails as per President Obama’s directive your email problem would not have existed. Further if,your loving husband, President Clinton had not decided to visit Attorney General Loretta Lynch, you would not have had a James Comey problem.

Not to mention your quest for a mandate win, when you only needed a win.

So take two aspirin and repeat after me. Wisconsin,Michigan, Pennsylvania. Enough said.


Not my President

Donald Trump is not my President. I am a native born American, I am a voter. I am a proud American and it pains me to say it, but I must. Donald Trump is not my President. Nothing else to be said. 

Gilmore Memory 

  1. This is my memory. Like all memories of mine it is 100 percent memory accurate . Reince Prebius came into my consciousness when he replaced Michael Steele at the RNC. I seem to remember some intrigue in this scenario, but that is not the reason for this memory. Maybe it is. What goes around comes around I guess. But more importantly I expected more from a lawyer. John Kelly’s replacement of him only leaves me with the question. Why General Kelly would you risk your sterling reputation to serve in this  position for a naked emperor President Trump?

John McCain?

Did John McCain get off his deathbed, to put his positive political image on life support? It seems so. At the height of a positive spin on his political career ,he removed his mask and revealed a monster who cares not about the healthcare of his fellow Americans. I am deeply disappointed. I thought better of him. I am no wild eyed black Democrat,in fact I am a registered Republican. 

Hey Hillary 

I am here to help you. It seems that you lost to the emperor President Trump, and you need  someone else to blame. I see your agony and I am here to assist you. It has to be horrific to be the person who lost the presidency to Donald J. Trump. Well here I come to the rescue. 

The envelope please. The culprit is William Jefferson Clinton. Yes it appears that if this Clinton dude had cease and desisted from bothering Loretta Lynch you would not have had a Comey intervention in your race to the Whitehouse. I hope this missive is some  comfort to you.

  • I still think you should have paid more attention to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, but I get it if you don’t want to blame yourself. Just repeat after me. Don’t go near Loretta Bill.

John McCain?

John McCain? I am totally confused John. Please resort to silence, while I bite my tongue. 

Scary the Mooch

Just pondering the hire of Anthony Scaramucci. He seems like a likeable enough fantasy island inhabitant. I predict he’ll fit right into this fantasy island Whitehouse. I don’t expect, that it will be an improvement for Whitehouse communications. The real world will intrude. No matter how you articulate a lie it’s still a lie. The Trump presidency thus far has been a disaster. You can’t spin that Mr. Scaramucci, no matter how hard you try.