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Hey Hillary

Hey Hillary you lost Democratic strong holds when the rubber met the road. Nuff said. You got greedy for a landslide victory and lost because you didn’t take care of home. Get over it.

News Media?

Paul Ryan GOP speakership yes, working with Democrats, no. The media keep taking us down these rabbit trials. Why? These are two facts. President Obama did not  wiretap Trump tower or any other derivation of term wiretap and speaker Ryan can not lead the GOP house members in working with Democrats in Congress. Hey news media, quit the  BS. Emperor President Trump can not pass his agenda with Democratic support. End of story.

Gilmore Logic Lament

Spent a lot of time trying to find a title for this post. Just decided to name it what it is. Things are amiss in the kingdom. The Emperor Trump has no clothes and it now appears he has no brain. He seems to believe that lying has no consequences. Our country is being harmed by his Presidency. I ask where are the patriots in Congress?


Told ya. You wouldn’t listen. Told you that health care reform was a boondoggle but no you didn’t listen. You lived by the sword now well you know the rest of the saying. Either you lose by  not passing your bill or you lose by passing your bill. By the  way who’s taking care of our foreign affairs?


Run away. Don’t go near it. It’s toxic. Leave it alone. The jig is up. Wow it was good while it lasted but doom awaits all who wish to use it for political purposes. Obama won move on.

The Emperor Trump

Message to the Emperor President Trump. This blog is not about you. Please take a break from the chaos emanating from your Whitehouse. Please limit our exposure to Mr. Spicer. I so want to add some humor to this site. Well today’s news emanating from your Whitehouse was extremely serious I would even say troubling, but I am hopeful for tomorrow. Oh by the way I am getting addicted to these alternative facts. Could you just have Mr Spicer present them in less angry manner. Humor Emperor President Trump, humor.


The Emperor Update

  • Well it seems all is going swimmingly in the kingdom of the Emperor President Trump. The kingdom’s minions armed with alternative facts continue apace. The Emperor Trump’s actions are so replete with chaotic consequences that you don’t even have to refer to them by name in condemning them. Will someone inform the Emperor President Trump that the weavers of his emperial garments are not using any material. And the band plays on.