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The Media

I started this blog to reveal the inadequaceny of the media. My mission statement was rejected. Now it is okay to criticize the media. However the stakes have changed. Now accurate information is woefully needed. Now we have elected an emperor who has no clothes and has no inclination to put any on.


What’s Going On

President Trump, what’s going on? Chaos reigns supreme in the land. Please make it stop.

Where are they?

The Donald is leading America off a cliff. Where are they? I am talking about the wise men and women that have been entrusted to govern this country. The meeting between Donald Trump and Kim JONG UN was a farce. Our snake oil selling president was snookered. No if and or buts. Are the wise men not so wise or just bullied? Again I ask,where are they? History will not kind to their stewardship of this country.

Just Saying

This presidency seems like a disaster, just saying. Kim JONG UN meets Donald Trump seems to be the title of a great horror film. It’s got to be a figment of my imagination. Just saying.

What is going on

Every day I ponder what is going on in this country? How does what is going on in this country affect the world? The Donald Trump presidency seems a total catastrophe to me but the experts prattle on as if there’s nothing to worry about. Have I fell down the rabbit hole, is this an alternate universe? Where am I? Common sense tells me all is not right, but the leaders of this country seem to feel that falling off a steep cliff is not a bad thing. America we have a problem. A very serious problem, when lying is in vogue. When lying is celebrated behavior. It is not Donald Trump’s fault. He has just brought to light an American malaise. My question is, is there a cure before it’s too late.

Gilmore Logic

Well it seems to me that our information givers live in bizarro territory. It seems that they want us to believe that a meeting between Donald Trump and Kim JONG UN makes sense. We have a problem. The State department is not clicking on all cylinders and Donald Trump has no clue as to complexity of this kind of negotiations . Plus Kim JONG UN will never give up his nukes. There, said it ! That’s good old fashioned Gilmore Logic.

The Cocktail Party President

This the cocktail party presidency. It seems to me that the policies of this president are the same ones agreed to at a cocktail party after a few adult beverages. They seem good at the time, but once you sober up you should know better. In a word, simple solutions to complex problems do not work. For example a summit between Donald Trump and KIM JONG UN, was definitely conceived in a drunken stupor. Certainly someone will sober up.