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Gilmore Logic

Well it seems to me that our information givers live in bizarro territory. It seems that they want us to believe that a meeting between Donald Trump and Kim JONG UN makes sense. We have a problem. The State department is not clicking on all cylinders and Donald Trump has no clue as to complexity of this kind of negotiations . Plus Kim JONG UN will never give up his nukes. There, said it ! That’s good old fashioned Gilmore Logic.


The Cocktail Party President

This the cocktail party presidency. It seems to me that the policies of this president are the same ones agreed to at a cocktail party after a few adult beverages. They seem good at the time, but once you sober up you should know better. In a word, simple solutions to complex problems do not work. For example a summit between Donald Trump and KIM JONG UN, was definitely conceived in a drunken stupor. Certainly someone will sober up.

What in the world

What in the world is going on. We have a cocktail party president. We are no longer the go to country in world affairs. We have allowed the country to rest in the hands of incompetent people. What in the world is going on. Do we care?

The fiddler

Who’s fiddling while America burns?


Mistake made America. Trump is a disaster. What next?

How Much 

  1. How much chaos is too much chaos. Donald Trump is a disaster as president. He has no coherent foreign policy and a domestic agenda that is a hodge podge of randomness. America’s standing in the world is greatly diminished and here at home things are no better. The pseudo political leaders of this my beloved country shudder in fear of this clueless president and his twitter madness. How will it end? And the band played on

Hey Donald

  • Hey Donald you did not fool anybody. You used the great state of Alabama as a back drop to spew racist bigotry. The citizens of Alabama did not deserve that. I know you see the people of the south as stage props. As a person raised in small town Texas, we clearly see your rich carpet beggar self. You of the north don’t fool us yokels. We know you don’t have a clue as to how to handle North Korea,Iran,Russia or any international issue. We know you have no idea as to what to do in the hurricane ravaged areas of Texas,Florida and especially Puerto Rico,and the US Virgin Isles. So again you spew racist rhetoric to distract us. By the way the NFL did not protest at their games, rather they unified against your racist rant in Alabama. What did the players income have to do with the national anthem? You may have tapped into a yearning some feel in this Country but you are no leader. And just so you know, we blacks see you clearly for who you are. Some of us wanted to believe you had some skills no longer are we even remotely mystified. Patriotic you are not. Remind me again,what branch of service did you duck. This from a proud Texan,and a proud American.