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I always mean to post more often but I can’t keep up. It seems the mind moves faster than the pen. Just catch up I say. Let’s go. Colin Powell’s situation. I share it. Donald Trump. The difference between a poor  con man and a rich con man. Jail. Hillary Clinton, the wife of a liar who became president and the burdens and advantages. What did she endure, what did she learn? ME. What do I think? Stay tuned.

Why the confusion

It seems that there is a lot of confusion in the talking head, faux news media. They seem to have a lot consternation,befuddlement,confusion and down right angst in discerning Donald Trumps immigration policy. Well as one the unknowing masses that  is so ignorant of the presidential election until after labor day. Here is what Mr.Trump, said. He is going to make America great again by deporting everybody that doesn’t meet his criteria as a great American. First it will be all the people here illegally. Apparently no matter where they are originally from they will be deported to Mexico. That should take no more than a week, at no cost to the USA. That will soon be followed by a back to Africa movement, and on and on until America is great again.


What is a trump? I think I know. It represent a series of cards that have more power than other card in the deck of cards. In real life what is a trump? I think I know. A clueless person that thinks it has more power than all other Americans but is dangerous to  our Democracy.


The Donald for a Pence or a Pence for Donald. What does it all mean in this crazy mixed up Presidential race in 2016. Hillary did her own email thing at the State Department and that was not a good thing. The FBI said it was not a crime so she wades on in that river of Denial. The Donald apparently seizes every opportunity to make money. Brexit the Donald’s golf course in Scotland will prosper. Pick a running mate, he made a Pence. It seems this 2016 presidential race would be great for a barrel of laughs if it was not such a serious proposition. One candidate has us swimming with her in a river , the other is a side show barker. Heaven help us all.


Ted why did you bailout? Ted will you learn? Ted ?


What does it mean, when republicans say,” Let the people decide”? It seems to me that the people decided that president Obama would be the decision maker on the replacement for Justice Scalia, when they reelected him President in 2012. But what do I know, I am just using Gilmore logic. Hey, what about that GOP debate in South Carolina. What a free for all.


Great debate. Let us review what we learned. Absolutely nothing now huh.