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The Donald for a Pence or a Pence for Donald. What does it all mean in this crazy mixed up Presidential race in 2016. Hillary did her own email thing at the State Department and that was not a good thing. The FBI said it was not a crime so she wades on in that river of Denial. The Donald apparently seizes every opportunity to make money. Brexit the Donald’s golf course in Scotland will prosper. Pick a running mate, he made a Pence. It seems this 2016 presidential race would be great for a barrel of laughs if it was not such a serious proposition. One candidate has us swimming with her in a river , the other is a side show barker. Heaven help us all.


Ted why did you bailout? Ted will you learn? Ted ?


What does it mean, when republicans say,” Let the people decide”? It seems to me that the people decided that president Obama would be the decision maker on the replacement for Justice Scalia, when they reelected him President in 2012. But what do I know, I am just using Gilmore logic. Hey, what about that GOP debate in South Carolina. What a free for all.


Great debate. Let us review what we learned. Absolutely nothing now huh.


When I started this site I wrote a statement as to why I started it. I said that the media was actively engaged in misleading us. I am talking about CNN, FOX, MSNBC, THE NEWS CHANNELS, the pseudo purveyors of political knowledge. Then as now they hire intellectuals devoid of independent thought to spew ignorance veiled as inside information. I was unable to get that through as the purpose of this blog. It was rejected over and over. I will admit that for whatever the case that is no longer true. I will use humor and whatever is at my disposal to get this blog on track because I have something to say.

Mr. Carson

Well Mr. Doctor Ben it appears your token black caricature republican candidacy is no longer needed. I hope that rock is still available for you to hide under, if not maybe Herman Cain will share his. Bye,bye.


The Donald has surprised me with his presidential campaign. I think most of what he says is silly but I apologize in dismissing his campaign as non-serious. He has exposed the great OZ as a phony and he should be applauded for this. Their appears to be much more seriousness in what he says than what in my arrogance I perceived. I still think that The Donald is espousing foolishness but I have come to realize that in showing the foolishness of our political pundits he has done a good service to the American people. Bravo Donald!


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