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The Emperor

The Emperor Trump strikes a mighty blow for chaos in the world and conflict here at home. Immigration, voter fraud, crowd size the Emperor as his wont is wreaking havoc. And the band plays on.

The New President Emperor

I can keep this thought to myself no longer. Donald Trump is a complete disaster as President. No good will come of his Presidency. This is compounded by the state of the Republican leadership in Congress. I had little faith in Hillary Clinton but at least she was competent to be President. I am afraid that the Donald’s Presidency will do great harm to my beloved Country. Of this I have no doubt.


Just who will still be on the Trump team a year from now. I predict a lot of change.

New Year

It’s a New year. Soon a new president. What does it all mean? I’m apprehensive to say the least.

It’s here

America now gets to open its presidential present. Will it be a Trump or a Clinton? The pundits have spoken and spoken ad infinitum. They  have shown that there is no longer election news, it’s election entertainment. Finally these pundits can put to rest for a spell their disdain for us the American electorate. They have come out of this election with their collective reputation in tatters. I say job well done.


I always mean to post more often but I can’t keep up. It seems the mind moves faster than the pen. Just catch up I say. Let’s go. Colin Powell’s situation. I share it. Donald Trump. The difference between a poor  con man and a rich con man. Jail. Hillary Clinton, the wife of a liar who became president and the burdens and advantages. What did she endure, what did she learn? ME. What do I think? Stay tuned.

Why the confusion

It seems that there is a lot of confusion in the talking head, faux news media. They seem to have a lot consternation,befuddlement,confusion and down right angst in discerning Donald Trumps immigration policy. Well as one the unknowing masses that  is so ignorant of the presidential election until after labor day. Here is what Mr.Trump, said. He is going to make America great again by deporting everybody that doesn’t meet his criteria as a great American. First it will be all the people here illegally. Apparently no matter where they are originally from they will be deported to Mexico. That should take no more than a week, at no cost to the USA. That will soon be followed by a back to Africa movement, and on and on until America is great again.