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Scary the Mooch

Just pondering the hire of Anthony Scaramucci. He seems like a likeable enough fantasy island inhabitant. I predict he’ll fit right into this fantasy island Whitehouse. I don’t expect, that it will be an improvement for Whitehouse communications. The real world will intrude. No matter how you articulate a lie it’s still a lie. The Trump presidency thus far has been a disaster. You can’t spin that Mr. Scaramucci, no matter how hard you try.


Woe is me

Just sitting here wondering. Not quite clear what to wonder but I am wondering. Is Donald Trump really the President of the United States or is this a bad dream? Will Mitch McConnell wake up and become the American patriot we expect him to be? Will any foreign leader take Donald Trump seriously? When will the people realize that the emperor President Trump is an experiment gone terribly wrong. Will the Astros finally win a world series? Just wondering. 

Trump or Chump

When will the story be told? When will we find out if the president is a Trump or a Chump?. I have my guess. What about you?

Mr Trump

What is a Trump. Is it  a special  card in spades? Is it a name of a casino that is about to become bankrupt? Is it the name of a U.S. President that doesn’t have a clue.? You tell me. Me thinks America we have a serious problem. 

Where oh where

  1. Where oh where has sanity gone. The President is a disaster. I have known since Trump was elected that internationally he is a disaster. I am not a fan of the democrats I am not a fan of the Clintons but I am an American patriot . The President emperor has no clothes. Everyone knows that. Does America also have no clothes?

Session must lie

Attorney General Sessions what will he lie about? Will he violated his loyalty pledge to the  EmperorPresident Trump? The Emperor Trump has no clothes.

President Pence or Mr. Pence

President Pence or Mr. Pence that is the question. The Emperor Trump won’t last 4 years will Vice president Pence last the wrath of the Emperor President Trump to become the President Pence?