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CONGRATS on another con job on the media talking heads. I am very interested in seeing how much media time you receive, and how long you keep this prank going.Again congrats.


Finally got my laptop fixed. Let gilmorelogic roam free.

Leon Why?

Leon Panetta wrote a book. I have not read it, but apparently that President Obama did not listen to him and he’s mad about it. Apparently Leon had found the cure to the common cold, he had convinced the Israelis and Hamas to agree to his peace plan, and He and Hillary Clinton were of one accord and Obama still refused to listen. Well apparently Leon got so mad he wrote a book. I guess if you are President of the USA and make Leon mad he will just write a book and make some money.

It doesn’t even matter if Leon has to make up his own facts, He thinks there is another Clinton presidency on the horizon, so on to 1992. Leon we thought you were better than that. Oh well.


Most things have a conclusion. Most thoughts, most quests, most contests, most dilemmas, most journeys, most every thing has a conclusion. Sometimes we delay a conclusion, sometimes we welcome a conclusion, sometimes we ignore a conclusion, sometimes we argue with a conclusion, but pro or con a conclusion is the end.
I came to a painful conclusion some years ago. For the most part I have kept this conclusion to myself. Tony Dungy and this blog have allowed me to let this my most painful conclusion out of the closet.
Tony Dungy is a bigot, an unaware bigot, but a bigot none the less. I have been a bigot most of my life but I have come to be aware of my bigotry. In this day and age Tony should not get a pass for his bigotry. I refuse to continue to be a participant in my comfortable bigotry.
As a black male of the jim crow south, Texas to be specific, I thirsted for equality. I could see the bigotry of my oppressors clearly but I couldn’t see my own bigotry. I was a victim of my own ignorance.
Racism is wrong but so is sexism. If I make a distinction of human legitimacy because of sexual preference I am just as bigoted as one who makes that distinction based on race. Tony Dungy does not deserve any understanding of his bigoted remarks about Michael Sam. My conclusion is that majorities have a bent to oppress minorities and in any incantation it remains wrong.
Tony I am ashamed of you. and I am ashamed of me for most of my life agreeing with you.


Black voters were the decisive factor in a GOP primary in Mississippi. What? Rick Perry is running for president again and expects people to overlook his previous performance on the national stage. What? The GOP speaker of the house, some feller from Ohio, wants to sue the President. What? The Birthers are supporting some Cruz feller who was born in Canada, to be the president of the USA. What?
Hillary Clinton, who lives in million dollar housing just recently escaped from abject poverty. What? Sarah Palin who didn’t complete her Gubernatorial term in Alaska is the informed thinker and she wants the President impeached. What? I can go on and on because as I peruse the news of today, I am constantly left to say one thing. What? Oh by the way did Eric Cantor the tea party darling and the second most powerful person in the house really lose his primary race? What?!

Hillary, Billary, Obarack

Hillary,Billary, Obarack the pundits ran up the clock. The clock struck twelve and cut off their tales Hillary Billary Obarack.
The political chatter class in their mind numbing lemming behavior are engaged in their per usual foolishness. Rather than thought they are repeating their nonsensical mush, Hillary Clinton in her quest to win the presidency must distance herself from the incumbent democratic president, Barack Obama. The lemming are correct that her quest to be president requires her to distance herself from a two term Democratic president, but that former president is not Barack Obama, it is Bill Clinton.
In a nostalgic perspective Bill’s presidency has been seen in rose colored glasses. If Hillary is the democratic nominee in 2016 the rose will come off those glasses.


What is the media reporting about the senate GOP run off in Mississippi? They say that liberal democrats voted in the GOP primary and boosted Thad Cochran to victory. Huh? How could liberal democratic voters determine a GOP primary? Best I could decipher can’t happen. Seems to me you declare your party affiliation in Mississippi by your vote in the primary or the run off of a primary. Been doing it in Texas for years. If you don’t vote in a primary you are an independent and you can vote in a run off of either party. It has been going on for years in the great state of Texas among those who could hardly be called liberals. As a republican friend of mibirthne opined when Texas was a Democratic leaning state, He said, ” I’m a local democrat and a national republican.”
I think he meant that since only democrats won local races he had to vote in democratic primaries locally to be relevant but his natural leanings were republican. I that are the facts that should have been reported in Mississippi. To opine otherwise is to say that I am a liberal democratic voter by ethnicity. I find this preposterous.


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