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Michael Sam

This is the should be non story that won’t go away. He’s gay and all should say who cares and mean it. Instead people say who cares publicly but in private it’s another story all together. I have been reluctant to opine because I know his father fairly well and consider him a friend. I won’t say I know Michael but I have some knowledge of his family plight. I wish him all the success in the world and if given a fair shot I have no doubts he will have a successful NFL career. He has all the intangibles and he will not be bullied. Good luck Michael Jr..

State of the Union

Tonight president Obama will tell us the condition this country is in. Some will laud his words, some will protest. Some people will see the glass full, some will see it totally empty. Those like me will listen with eyes agape and wonder what is the state of the union and can you really put it in words. The talking media will bombard us before and after the president’s address and they will leave us in a state of total confusion. Then we will gather ourselves and proceed as always. Our reality will remain the same, our tasks will remain constant and after the fog clears we will realize that each of us as one and collectively must tackle the most pressing need of our country. Yes, there is no way around it, we must figure out who will win the super bowl. Is the faux velveeta shortage a hoax or is it real. Nachos, beer, what else is on the menu. Why is the game on Sunday, don’t they know we can’t all take a sick day. Are there any more pearls of wisdom emanating from the oracle, better known as Richard Sherman. Mr. President hurry with your speech, you do realize you’re making us miss the reporting from the super bowl press. I wonder Mr. President will you opine on the new pro bowl format or is it as doomed as the middle east peace talks. They’re talking about eliminating the extra point kick, this certainly ranks up there with stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Hey Mr. President I was wrong, there are plenty of things you can talk about in your state of the union speech. Just remember this is super bowl week and you’ll do fine. Oh by the way, what nut decided to play the super bowl in a cold climate? Don’t they know that the super bowl is a football event and not a football game. Who cares that football fans are not repulsed by the outcome of the event being affected by weather true super bowl fans don’t want their office pool ruined because something happened because of the weather. Oh yes the state of the union, don’t be dismayed that this is super bowl week Mr. President, we think your speech is important too.

The New N-Word

Thanks Richard Sherman. At first I was befuddled by Richards declaration that thug is the new N-word. I like Richard, I want his team to win the super bowl this year. I like the fact that he graduated from Stanford and that no thugs are permitted to graduate from that fine institution of higher learning. I like the fact that he earns a salary that is sufficiently high enough that it precludes him from being a thug. I was perplexed however to learn that a word beginning with a t had replaced the n-word. Having graduated from a university not named Stanford I was unaware of how this could be. I will confess that I was not prepared to change. I know, I know, I know,  the n-word is off limits to everyone except rappers. Having been born a negro and striving to be colored only to end up black, not to mention briefly being Afro-American, the n-word had been my only constant. I could express all feelings from hate to love with the n-word previously known as nigger or negra. I could be called the word by friend and foe and instantly know the person’s attitude towards me. Now I had to learn all the nuances of the word thug. I was happy that the music I listened to wouldn’t be altered by this new happenstance but my comedy taste would be significantly impacted. That niggers crazy would become that thugs crazy. I would have to learn to react to the word thug. I have never been associated with the thug word before now I had to change. My ethnicity was now entwined with the word thug. I was offended. I still am. The word thug doesn’t convey the vitriol that spews from the lips of those who use the word nigger as hate speech. The word thug doesn’t seem to have the versatility of the n-word. Time and tide wait on no man, so I’ll have to adjust I guess. No I won’t but thanks for the heads up Richard. You my thug, so gimme a hug. Whew, I said it.

Random Thoughts

How does one grieve. We know that death is inevitable but we are not prepared for its inevitability.  Especially when its a loved one. The best mom the world will ever see has departed from her earthly body but she lives within me. Heaven is a better place today.

Steve Stockman

Well let the first say, I was wrong. I wrote that  Steve Stockman’s underdog campaign for U.S. Senate against Tom Cornyn would be entertaining. Not so. The only suspense will be Cornyn’s margin of victory. Maybe I should have paid closer attention to the Houston chronicle’s inquiries on Steve. I admit, I was somewhat taken aback by Steve giving up his congressional seat after only one term but I chose not to speculate at least to keep my speculation to myself. It appears that Steve is running but not for the U.S. Senate. I hope I’m wrong in my private speculations. I was so looking forward to a hilarious contest.

Obama NSA

This my expert analysis of the president’s speech on NSA. Well you say what makes me an expert on the subject matter at hand. Well I know very little about national security, but when you are talking about spying, as an avid viewer of I Spy in its hey day, I’m right there. I am also able to both talk and text on a smart phone, which in my world makes me a techie, or techno, or tech-spert, you get the idea. I also half listened to the speech and the experts who pontificated about the speech on the pseudo- news channels after the speech. My analysis was not influenced by these blowhards in any manner. Finally I’m opinionated and being bereft of knowledge has not hindered me in the past.

Now my bona fides being established me get on with my expert analysis. It seems that NSA, the National Security Agency which celebrated its sixty first birthday on Nov. 4, 2013, was like all Americans, appalled by the events of Nov. 11,2001. Well old NSA decided to step up its game at the behest of President George W. Bush. So NSA didn’t sit on the sidelines and twiddle its thumbs no siree bob. Old NSA was already spying on some folks and doing it very well so they decided to just spy on everyone in the world. They were spying right along and whistling a happy tune when some busybodies started asking about their activities. Well the said 911 and this seemed to quiet everybody down. Then some feller went to Taiwan and he got a hold to some spying information about NSA and started telling people that he had it and the government got mad at him so he went to Russia

Well people started to mean mouth old NSA and saying 911 didn’t shut them up. Well President Obama and the national security people like old NSA but them other folks was way mad. Well the president said he was going to get old NSA in check but he really didn’t want to. Well NSA didn’t take to kindly to people asking what they were doing but the president said chill I got this. Well the President told them people that was mad at NSA that he put NSA in timeout, and he told NSA they could keep spying on everyone except some people. Well now I think that everybody is mad at the president and not each other, so that’s my analysis. So hello MR.NSA I know you’re just checking on everybody so that we are safe. 911 there I said it, I feel safer already.

Chris Christie Don’t blame me

Chris Christie gave a great performance today. It was a masterful exercise in buck tossing. Man he threw some lady named Brigit Anne Kelly under the bus effortlessly. And for those who doubt his fitness, he flung that lady under the bus for two whole hours. In a fit of compassion for Brigit he flung some other guy under that bus with her. Some guy that was going to be the chairman of the New Jersey Republican party. I’m told this feller had been his campaign manager. I understand that there were already some people under that bus.

It seems these people he flung under that bus had been playing “Bridge”. I always thought bridge was an honorable game, but I heard they were playing the game using Christie rules without telling him. It seems that some evil doers got a hold of some e-mails where these people tossed under the bus talked about this bridge game. Oh, you mean this game was about an actual bridge. They shut it almost down on the first day of school in New Jersey. Huh, it was the busiest bridge in the country.

I’m confused, isn’t Christie the hands on governor of New Jersey? Let me get this straight, he didn’t know that Brigit was in cahoots with his other people that caused a traffic jam on the big bridge on the first day of school, until a couple of days ago. It still seems that they still haven’t told him that the traffic study about the traffic on the bridge was conducted by the tooth fairy. Well I am a believer in Gov. Christie. I believed Nixon when he said, ” I am not a crook” so it’s only fair for me to believe Christie when he says, ” I am not a liar”. Course as I recall things didn’t turn out so good for President Nixon. Well any man whose first and last name are pretty much the same has got to be a fine feller.

Well best I got out of Christie’s lecture was, he’s taking the blame for whatever them people under the bus did to the bridge that caused a traffic jam, just don’t blame him. Smart fellow that Christie.


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