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Mr. Brady me thinks you protest too much.

What up.

 I am having a what up moment. It appears to me that the candidates to replace President Obama are all deeply flawed. While America in its past has endured less than adequate presidents this seems an inopportune time for such a happenstance. The Democrats have her Royal Highness Hillary Clinton, whose pedestal is quite fragile, and the Republicans have an array of candidates whose sum total is a negative. These complicated times demand more but the electorate seems oblivious.

I do not think that is the case, but the babbling poll driven pundits who dominate our pseudo news airwaves have perpetuated their poll driven nonsense as reality. I am enjoying this nonsense as comedy although I know its serious. In the meantime I say What up?

I’m back

Computer troubles have been a pain. And in the meantime the Donald has become political pundit nirvana. Iran has become the new Republican word for Obama Nooooo! Oh the political season has been fraught with great comedy and it is going to get better. So I am back and in great humor.


CONGRATS on another con job on the media talking heads. I am very interested in seeing how much media time you receive, and how long you keep this prank going.Again congrats.


Finally got my laptop fixed. Let gilmorelogic roam free.

Leon Why?

Leon Panetta wrote a book. I have not read it, but apparently that President Obama did not listen to him and he’s mad about it. Apparently Leon had found the cure to the common cold, he had convinced the Israelis and Hamas to agree to his peace plan, and He and Hillary Clinton were of one accord and Obama still refused to listen. Well apparently Leon got so mad he wrote a book. I guess if you are President of the USA and make Leon mad he will just write a book and make some money.

It doesn’t even matter if Leon has to make up his own facts, He thinks there is another Clinton presidency on the horizon, so on to 1992. Leon we thought you were better than that. Oh well.


Most things have a conclusion. Most thoughts, most quests, most contests, most dilemmas, most journeys, most every thing has a conclusion. Sometimes we delay a conclusion, sometimes we welcome a conclusion, sometimes we ignore a conclusion, sometimes we argue with a conclusion, but pro or con a conclusion is the end.
I came to a painful conclusion some years ago. For the most part I have kept this conclusion to myself. Tony Dungy and this blog have allowed me to let this my most painful conclusion out of the closet.
Tony Dungy is a bigot, an unaware bigot, but a bigot none the less. I have been a bigot most of my life but I have come to be aware of my bigotry. In this day and age Tony should not get a pass for his bigotry. I refuse to continue to be a participant in my comfortable bigotry.
As a black male of the jim crow south, Texas to be specific, I thirsted for equality. I could see the bigotry of my oppressors clearly but I couldn’t see my own bigotry. I was a victim of my own ignorance.
Racism is wrong but so is sexism. If I make a distinction of human legitimacy because of sexual preference I am just as bigoted as one who makes that distinction based on race. Tony Dungy does not deserve any understanding of his bigoted remarks about Michael Sam. My conclusion is that majorities have a bent to oppress minorities and in any incantation it remains wrong.
Tony I am ashamed of you. and I am ashamed of me for most of my life agreeing with you.


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